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Portraiture is a great tradition. It is my goal to continue this tradition with gratitude for the heritage I have received through education and apprenticeship.

The portrait painter captures something very different in a painting than the momentary flash captured in photography. There is life and movement in a painting that is the result of time spent looking and studying the model. This unique quality is due to the interaction between the model and the artist during the painting process. It is much more than the flash of an instant. It is a record of an event and a relationship. It is the artist’s response to the model in a very human way.

Today photography is an integral part of the process as life moves fast in the 21st century. However, it is my desire to work from life whenever possible. My delight is to build friendship with my subject and enjoy the social interaction of the occasion. My hope is to create an event in history for the sitter, a memory of an experience that includes the joy of friendship and embodies much more than the flash of a second.

Hopefully, as I work with my hands, I will create art that will be enjoyed for generations to come.

–Carole Chalmers

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